We make the patented SunOmatic solar space heater.

Our Mission

Create simple and easy to use solar products that provide a reliable source of energy in off-grid environments.

Patented Technology

Our SunOmatic product is a home heating unit that serves as a portable space heater. Patent No. US 8,590,528 B1

Social Impact

BTU Insight will donate products to public school science, technology, engineering and math programs (STEM). The company will also hire from low-income and underserved communities.

Our Products


Solar Space Heater

You can't beat free heat! The SunOmatic is the only window-based solar heating product of its kind. This patented space heater weighs less than 38 pounds and uses only 4.5 inches of window height. The product requires no electricity or carbon-based fuels. After initial purchase, customers will enjoy FREE HEAT throughout the life of this product. Prototype featured in photo.


Portable Shower System

The ShowerMatic is a solar powered, outdoor shower system that requires no electricity or carbon-based fuels. The product is patent pending. Prototype featured in photo.



The SunOmatic is a perfect, eco-friendly heating product for tiny, log and trailer homes and recreational vehicles. 

The ShowerMatic is a portable hygiene solution for camping, beaches and disaster-relief efforts.  

BTU Insight is an early stage company seeking investment capital to bring solar products to market.

Robert Green - Founder and CEO


Hello, and welcome to BTU Insight!

As an engineer and an energy sector professional, I’m passionate about the possibilities of renewable energy. Renewable energy is making a positive impact in so many areas of our lives—from healthcare, to job creation, to lower energy bills.

As a veteran of the United States Navy, I’ve honed skills that allow me to lead and get things done. My goal as CEO of BTU Insight is to ensure that we continue making solar energy products that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. I want to create new solar-energy jobs and careers. I also want to share my company’s innovations with public schools so that students can imagine new possibilities from solar energy.

I invite you to join me and my team as we forge a path of new ideas and new products. Together, we can make our communities and neighborhoods better while enjoying the benefits of renewable energy.

Thank you for your time, and feel free to contact me with any questions. I’d love to hear from you!

Robert Green

Low-Income Energy Assistance Programs

Billions in tax payer dollars are spent each year on low-income energy assistance. These dollars can be reduced or redirected by leveraging solar products like the SunOmatic. The SunOmatic uses no electricity or carbon based fuels and can provide low-income residents with continuous FREE heat throughout the life of the product. 

Federal and State Energy Assistance Programs


Home Energy Assistance Programs provide bill assistance to low-income households across America to make energy costs more affordable.

Maryland Office of home energy programs

The Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program helps eligible low-income households across the United States with installation of energy conservation materials in their dwelling units.

weatherization assistance program

To encourage and help homeowners invest in clean energy, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) provides grants for solar photovoltaic systems, solar water heating, geothermal heating & cooling, and wind turbine systems. 

maryland energy administration

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps families across the United States by providing federally funded assistance in managing costs associated with home energy bills. Tax payers spent $3.64 billion in 2018 supporting the LIHEAP program.

Low-income home energy assistance program

Contact Us

If you're a city or state representative looking to save energy assistance dollars or an investor wanting a piece of the billion dollar solar market, contact us today!

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